Tree Removal

Tree Removal for Augusta & Grovetown, GA

Although you may love the old tree on your lawn, if your tree starts to go into decline, it can quickly become a hazard for you and your property. To avoid any problems, it’s best to trust a Certified Arborist when you think you need to remove a tree on your residential, commercial or municipal property.  

Sickly trees can become weak and crack, causing damage to your property and putting people in danger as well. Some trees can become dried out after a drought, or disease can weaken major limbs. If the trunk on your tree is decayed or weathered, please call our team for emergency tree removal services today.

A Well-Trained Tree Removal Team

We at Big Dog Stump and Tree take great pride in our work. Whether you need tree surgery to repair broken limbs after a storm, tree and stump removal to clean up your home or business, or lot clearing, our team has a Certified Arborist to make sure every task is carried out correctly and safely. 

A Certified Arborist trains all our skilled employees to ensure we provide the highest level of skill and precision on the jobs we perform. We take tremendous pride in our work in hopes that you'll always remember the Big Dog name.

Please give us a call today for a no-charge written estimate on tree removal! We proudly serve Augusta, GA and Grovetown, GA.