Land Clearing

Prepare Your Land For Construction

Are you planning to build an addition onto your home? Or, do you have uneven land that is making it hard to install the landscaping design you want? Whether you have a residential, commercial or municipal property, the team at Big Dog Stump and Tree can help to level your soil and remove any major vegetation or invasive species that obstruct your landscape. 

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Land Clearing

Commercial or residential, no job is too big or too small when it comes to our land clearing services. We will skillfully clear your property removing all debris leaving your land ready for your next project. Our equipment is specifically designed and maintained to make as little of an impact on your turf as possible, making the healing/recovery time as short as possible. The evidence that will be left behind from our land clearing service is the cleared land.

We use cranes to remove trees by picking them straight up out of the ground. As a result, we have gotten quite handy with the crane! Our top-of-the line crane can lift large objects that would otherwise be impossible to place several stories above. We are ready to handle all your lifting needs. We are a licensed and bonded company, with safety being our number one priority. 

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