Storm Damage

Storm Damage Cleanup

When Mother Nature strikes with severe weather, your property might not be in the best shape after the storm has blown through. At Big Dog, we know that some storms can be more devastating than others. While you may have a few broken twigs one day, another storm may cause your tree to come down or large limbs to snap. If the property surrounding your home or business is in disarray in the wake of a bad storm, trust the storm damage cleanup team at Big Dog Stump and Tree to help take care of fallen trees and other debris.  

We always clean up after ourselves after each job. We use roll-off containers for construction or inert material on residential or commercial properties to get rid of limbs, twigs, shrubbery, and other debris that has been blown around after a storm. Roll-off containers come in different sizes: • 20 yards • 30 yards

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French Drains, Retaining Walls & Driveways

To safeguard your property against future storm damage, our skilled team specializes in installing French drains. These drains effectively divert rainwater away from house foundations and driveways, mitigating potential harm. Additionally, we offer expertise in constructing retaining walls to stabilize and secure earth, as well as crafting patio walls to elevate your outdoor aesthetic.

Furthermore, our services extend to concrete driveway demolition and removal, ensuring a comprehensive solution to your property needs.

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